Minnie Allen diaries Edit




  • 1874-1875 (Creation)
  • 1876-1878 (Creation)


  • 2 Files (Whole)
    2 diaries housed with Individual Manuscripts.

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  • Abstract

    These two diaries detail the life of a teenage girl in Boston, Massachusetts in the 1870s. Topics covered include hobbies, pastimes, travel, and daily life.

  • Biographical Note

    Minnie B. Allen lived with her family in Boston, Massachusetts, and attended Dr. Gannett’s school for girls. The family divided their time between their house in the city and a house in the country nearby. Minnie was an active church-goer and spent time on her studies and hobbies and with her family and friends.

  • Scope and Content Note

    The first diary documents Minnie’s life from the ages of 12 to 13 and the second diary from the ages of 14 to 16. Most entries are perfunctory, recording attendance at school and church and Minnie’s activities with family (particularly her beloved older brother, Will) and friends. Several vacations are described, notably to resorts in Bethel, Maine, and Wellesley, Massachusetts, plus a trip to Mount Washington in New Hampshire. Many hobbies and pastimes are recorded, including reading, drawing, performing music, dancing, croquet, stitching, crafts, recitations, game playing, and butterfly collecting. Minnie and her brother attended art and natural history museums in Boston and spent many hours reading to each other.

    Diary entries are written in ink on lined journal pages. Bindings are leather, with marbled endpapers. The front of one diary is marked “3,” and the other diary is marked “5.”