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  • 1916-1918 (Creation)


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  • Abstract

    This diary of Leslie Davies spans from January 1, 1916 to January 1, 1918. Included with the diary are two lists of subjects compiled by staff of The Strong, listing an index of play-related subjects such as camping, dancing, fishing, football, horseback riding, attending moving-picture shows, playing games, swimming, and more.

  • Biographical Note

    Leslie (Pat) Davies was a resident of Ludington, Michigan, and in his sophomore and junior years of high school when he kept this diary. His family lived in town but also maintained nearby a farm with livestock and crops.

  • Scope and Content Note

    This diary contains entries documenting the daily life of a teenage boy in the Lake Michigan port town of Ludington during 1916-1917. Leslies Davies describes his school activities, times with friends and family, part-time work unloading freighters, and the numerous chores involved in working the family farm. Of note are descriptions of many leisure pursuits, ranging from playing sports to attending motion picture shows to rural adventures (camping, boating, hiking, and swimming).

    Notations are handwritten mostly in ink with some pencil. There are a few sketches included with entries, primarily rough maps. Binding is dark red buckram. The front is labeled “National Diary 1916.”