Williams pinball playfield drawings Edit


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  • 1946 – 1994 (Creation)


  • Scope and Content Note

    This series contains more than 200 large-scale pinball playfield drawings created by staff of Williams Manufacturing Company (later Williams Electronics, Inc.). Designers of these playfield drawings, as denoted by signatures or initials on the pages, include Harry E. Williams (likely “H.E.W.”), Gordon Horlick (“GTH.”), Harry Mabs (“HJMabs” or “HMabs”), Steve Ahlborn, Steve Kordek, Norm Clark, Barry Oursler, Python Anghelo, and Mark Ritchie. The bulk of these playfield drawings are for Williams projects dated between 1946 and 1975, with some additional designs dated up through 1994. At some point in his tenure at Williams, Steve Kordek added permanent marker annotations to the pages to indicate project numbers and titles for pinball games; these were likely also organized in numerical order by Kordek. The Strong has retained the order of the drawings as transferred from Williams.

    Many of these drawings were scanned in 2015 by Duncan Brown and are housed in Series IV.